308 Winchester 168 Grain SMKBTHP 20 Count

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Our .308 Winchester starts life as once fired military brass and fully processed in house by hand! The brass is cleaned, sized, trimmed to length, and we even take the time to clean and uniform the primer pockets. Why the primer pockets? Nobody sees them! Well because it helps to produce a round with outstanding accuracy and consistency that’s why this round is the true definition of premium. We exclusively use 168 Grain Sierra Match King Boat Tail Hollow Points for this round.


168 Grain Sierra Match King

Powder: Varget©

Bullet: Sierra Match King©

Primer: CCI©

Case: Lake City

Muzzle velocity: 2750 fps. Muzzle energy: 2800 ft-lbs

308 Winchester 168 Grain Match
  Muzzle 100yd 200yd 400yd 600yd 1000yd
Velocity 2750 2556 2370 2022 1706 1213
Energy (Ft-Lbs) 2800 2437 2095 1524 1086 548
Drop (in) -1.5 0 -3.8 -31.2 -92.9 .381.4
Come Up Mil 0 0 0.5 2.2 4.3 10.6
Come Up MOA 0 0 1.8 7.4 14.8 36.4
B.C. (G1) 0.462          
S.D. 0.253          
Calculated using a Remington 700 sps tactical with 20" BB
Calculated with a 1.5" Site Height

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    Top of the line

    Posted by Bill on 28th Apr 2017

    I have shot several matches with this now NRA F-Class with a savage rifle I had to come up with my own drop card because my barrel is a different length than the one they used for testing but it was a good starting point. All I can say about this stuff is it is consistent when I do my job it does its job VERY WELL keep up the good work