380 ACP 100 Grain RN

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Loading the 380 ammo here is a meticulious process, those little guys get a lot of attention! Like all of our other products this round goes through a multi step process for loading which starts with cleaning and inspection of the brass, before it is fully processed and sent off to the loading machines. Once loaded it is cleaned again and hand inspected and chamber gauged before packaging. All of these steps help us to bring you a great product!

Bullet:100 grain (Plated)

Powder: Titegroup©

Bullet: Berrys

Primer: CCI©

Case: Remanufactured

Muzzle Velocity: 910fps   Muzzle Energy: 185 ft-lbs

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    .380 acp purchase

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Mar 2018

    Snowing like a mofo here. Haven’t had a chance to shoot any, but will get you an update later

  • 5

    Posted by T on 28th Jul 2016

    I've purchased the 9's and 380's in quantity. Not a misfire or failure to eject. Good clean professional loads.

  • 5

    Posted by Bob Kost on 1st May 2015

    Can't wait to buy more. Thanks!

  • 5
    Great products

    Posted by Les on 6th Feb 2015

    Only discovered Detroit Bullet Works last year but wish that I would have known about them longer. I have bought .357, .38, .380, and 9mm from them and have had "no problems."
    I recently bought some more .380 as my wife has taken up going to the range with me, and these performed great.
    All in all, you'll have zero problems with D.B.W. ammo.
    Les N.

  • 4
    Good for the price, but a little light

    Posted by Jon T. on 12th Jan 2015

    I bought 150 rounds of this and fired about 120 rounds through my Ruger LCP, and the remaining 30 through my brother's Taurus TCP. I had 11 malfunctions total, all being failures to eject, except one which was a failure to extract. Neither pistols have ever malfunctioned with FMJ before. I'm guessing the ammunition is just loaded lighter than usual.

    Other than that it was great. It was accurate, clean. and it's the cheapest .380 ammo around. I'll continue to buy it despite the failures as my LCP is a defensive pistol, and I don't at all mind practicing failure drills.