9mm 165 Grain RN

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9mm 165 Grain RN the ultimate in 9mm! Why 165 Grain? Because the heavier the projectile the less snap their is during the recoil pulse, these have been tested in many platforms from pistols all the way through SBRs and we just love the way they shoot! They have a very nice predictable recoil the creates more of a push than a snap and that makes them great for suppressed and unsuppressed weapons alike!


165 grain (Plated)

Bullet: Extreme

Primer: CCI© 

Case: Remanufactured


Muzzle Velocity: 800fps   Muzzle Energy: 235 ft-lbs

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    165gr 9mm for Sig MPX

    Posted by Jeff in VA on 10th Apr 2019

    I received my order of 165gr 9mm and tested it 4-6-2019 in a Sig MPX with an Osprey 45 suppressor. Unfortunately it did not have sufficient power to cycle the action and would jam after every 2 to 3 shots. As for sound, it is the quietest ammo out there. On the same day I also shot Speer 147 Lawman, Fiochhi 158gr (previous quietest) and another high end 147gr ammo. The DBW 165gr is clearly the quietest. I will try the 165 ammo in some pistol hosts and report back.

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    9mm 165 Grain RN

    Posted by Thomas Caise on 17th Feb 2019

    I have not fired this ammo yet, so I have no review on that aspect of it. I was surprised to see it in 165 grain. So far, the heaviest 9mm bullet I've seen. Have fired 150 grain from my CC compact. These are suggested for compact and sub compact firearms. Most notable is less recoil. In close or crowded areas is low bullet speed, a plus. And more energy transfer on the intended target by weight than speed. Waiting the actual firing of ammo. But the concept is plausible.

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    165 Grain 9mm Ammunition

    Posted by David Daniel on 17th Feb 2019

    Flat shooting, perfect for training or social shooting. Speed of Light shipping. Highly recommended!

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    9mm 165gr

    Posted by mike davis on 11th Feb 2019

    Order came quickly and very happy with products.Works well in my Glock. Will order again from Detroit Bullet Works.