Ammo Luggage

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Ammunition in long-term storage with wide hot and cold temperature ranges, as well as unregulated humidity, poses a serious issue. Traditional options like military ammunition boxes often are too large for bug out or get home situations.

Detroit Bullet Works has evaluated the needs of these situations and developed a solution based on years of prepper and ammunition experience. The DBW Ammo Luggageis a state of the art hard Pelican 1020 case designed to withstand the most inclement weather.

The DBW Ammo Luggage storage solution offered in 50 round configurations with a 2lb custom cut foam bed to secure your ammunition from scratching, noise, pressure changes, weather and so much more.

Each round sits in a custom foam cutout so that no matter how rough the road you travel is, your ammo will be dry and ready when you need it.

They work great in the center console of your car or tucked away in your EDC or car kits.

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