Detroit Bullet Works Reloading Class Level I

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Metallic Cartridge Reloading Course

Short Description: Teaches beginning reloader’s the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to reload metallic cartridges safely.


In the class, we will cover

The course is taught using an RCBS Rock Chucker Reloading kit; this kit contains 90% of what is needed to start reloading at home you will still need to purchase caliber specific item i.e. dies.

(Once the class is over you will need to purchase your own equipment)


  • Brass selection and preparation (What is good, What is bad, Where to get quality brass from)
  • Researching and selecting load data from multiple sources as well as some basic math formulas to predict the behavior of you newly built ammunition and how to test it and keep records
  • We will discuss equipment selection and cover reloading die selection, case lubes, tumbling media, and much more. (You will be shown what you need to buy to load safely without breaking the bank!)
  • Discussion of how to lay out your work area for efficiency, and some methodology about being able to load with a limited schedule
  • We move to the shop for some hands on loading while in the shop we will do all the prep work and load:
    • 9mm or 45ACP (covers knowledge of taper crimped semi-auto cartridges)
    • 38 Special or 44 Magnum (Covers Knowledge of roll crimped rimmed cartridges)
    • 223/5.56 or .308Win (Covers knowledge of bottleneck rifle cartridges)


We will cover a large amount of material in this class, but by the end you will see that reloading can be a very rewarding hobby!

You will leave the class with:

Loading data sheets (which we will fill out while in the shop loading)

A strong base of knowledge to begin your reloading hobby with


More Details: This course is six to eight hours in length and is conducted in a classroom & shop. Each student is taught reloading safety; centerfire cartridge components; using the reloading manual and reloading data; equipment; and the metallic cartridge reloading process.

We can schedule a class at your convenience for groups of 3 or more students, please email or call to make arrangements


Classes are limited to 6 students per class


(The fine print)

There is a 10% cancelation fee for classes canceled more than 72hrs in advance & a 50% cancelation fee for classes canceled within 72hrs