Detroit Bullet Works Reloading Class Level III

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This class will cover advanced reloading principles

-Case Prep and how it affects accuracy which items need doing? Which ones don't.

    Checking for concentricity
    Weight sorting your components
    Neck turning
    Flash Hole reaming

-Load Development (Working beyond book data)

    How to understand case volume and seating depth
    Working with wildcat loads

-How to build platform-specific ammunition for extreme accuracy

    We will discuss how to "jump the lands" which platforms can take advantage of this and which ones can't
    How concentricity can effect your accuracy
    Understanding the data that we collect i.e. chronograph data, targets, etc. and how all of this relates to ammunition accuracy

-How to develop repeatable and predictable results from your hand loaded ammunition

    How to benchmark your load, track them and know when to go back and do load redevelopment
    How to correctly measure your ammunition and understand why OAL may not ALWAYS be the same in each round


Prerequisites for this class

-You must have completed Detroit Bullet Works Level I class and have 3-6 months of experience reloading

We can schedule a class at your convenience for groups of 3 or more students; please email or call to make arrangements


Classes are limited to 6 students per class


(The fine print)

There is a 10% cancellation fee for classes canceled more than 72hrs in advance & a 50% cancellation fee for classes canceled within 72hrs